Goose Gear

Mitsubishi Montero 1999-2006 3rd Gen. - Rear Plate System


The Montero 3rd Gen Plate System™  includes two hatches to gain access to the large storage space in the rear of the vehicle. The Plate System also allows for the quick and easy installation of various Goose Gear Modules, including the CampKitchen and IceBox modules as well as single drawers, double drawers and side x side drawer modules.

Plate measures approximately 40 wide x 39 deep. Designed for a combination of one 19-3/16" wide module like the CampKitchen and one 20-3/16" wide drawer module.

Requires the factory rear carpet to be removed in the third row section or it can be cut behind the second row seats.

100% Bolt in and also has locations in the plate with anchors pre-installed so you can add tie down points using easy to find 1/4-20 hardware. Or you can purchase one of our anchor kits and add it to the plate.

Does not affect the second row seat movements or positioning.

Plate weighs just 28 pounds.

Legacy SKU - PMONT-03-300

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