Goose Gear

Land Rover Defender 2020-Present L663 - Rear Plate System


The Land Rover Defender Plate System allows the easy installation of various Goose Gear Modules, including drawers, CampKitchens, IceBox modules and more.

The plate has been designed to flatten the rear floor area and remove the rearward downslope found in the factory floor panel. This change allows the user to install fridge slides, CampKitchens and IceBox modules and maintaining a flat fridge or stove surface.

The rear plate also sits even with the second-row seats when folded down allowing for a sleep platform type area without having to remove the second-row seats.

Module configuration. For the Land Rover Defender, we have options for one module at 19-3/16" wide and a second module at 16-3/16" wide. The CampKitchen 2.3 and IceBox 1.3 and IceBox with Top Drawer 1.3 will fit into this platform. A single drawer or double drawer module up to 28" deep will also fit into this vehicle.

The rear plate features an access hatch to allow you to get into the storage space below the factory carpet. Also in the design is an access hatch for the recovery point and factory tools and jack.

The underside of the plate has a series of aluminum extrusion support bars for added strength and allowed us to utilize the factory anchor points without having to modify the vehicle in any way.

Currently, this product has only been test fitted into a non-third row model Land Rovers.

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